Saturday drive

Saturday drive

So over the weekend, we took a drive in hopes of getting lost and run into something beautiful to capture.  Well during our adventure Roger spotted these beautiful rays coming through the clouds and he quickly turned around and I captured the moment.  Now I am not 100% pleased with these photos, but that is my problem, I am never visually satisfied with my photographs and I am unable to decide if I prefer the color or the black and white.


It’s time


Well it’s been a few weeks or maybe even a few months since I’ve last updated my blog. Why..well because I don’t know about most photographers, but I occasionally will either lose my creativity or I just get tired of my work. At times, if I have a planned outing I struggle trying to find motivation compared to a non planned outing and just happen to capture that moment. For a while there I was lugging my camera everywhere, to the point where it just became extra weight and not a tool for my creativity. Well it’s time again; I am regaining that urge to create…create a moment..capture a smile, a sunset, a strangers smile, movement, life, LOVE!!! I can feel it so much running through me that I feel anxious, anxious to make something happen to see something created! So how will I fulfill this urge? Not sure yet, but it will happen soon! Will I keep up this blog? Most likely but I also have a website to publish but I am struggling with the name. What are my plans with my work? I don’t know…I just want to enjoy the moment of creativity, of capturing, of listening, of enjoying, of loving…living and smiling J Everything else will fall into place if I continue to have faith and work at the things that matter to me in life.