What if…..

What if tomorrow was different

What if your purpose was present

What if your pain was absent from your heart

What if….

The sky was filled with hope

The scent taken in was as fresh as your dreams

The touch felt was just as magical as yesterday

What if….

You released your fears and felt no boundaries

What if the tension and worries were non existent

What if tomorrow was different and yesterday never returned

What if….

The time passed was filled with only love

The desire to make a difference was present

The present was exactly where you wanted to be

What if…..

We walked with God every day of every moment

What if we took our purpose and made the change

What if the pain would dissipate

What if ….

There were no judgments

What if the tears would stop falling

What if I could erase the scars

Could you…

love me

Could you forgive me

Could you understand me

Could you be in my presence and not be ashamed

Could you be patient

Could you listen to my words

Could you hear my thoughts

Could you pause and realize that I am truly here?

What if……….


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