Random Food for thought

This is something I wrote almost a year ago and thought I’d post it here so I could document some of my thinking…

I don’t want to talk!

There are so many people in my life circle

Yet so far and few in between that understand me

Or even really know me

What makes me tick and what ticks me off!!

My outer shell is reserved..quiet and caring..but there is so much more

But if one would just take the time to peel back the layers

One would understand me and appreciate me!

Sincerely embrace my thoughts, my views, my opinions, my tears, my fears, my heart

What makes me or breaks me down to my knees

What warms my heart and uplifts my spirits

Instead some are intrigued by my outer shell and just want to learn enough to scrap the surface for them not to feel guilt of selfishness

And then they question..why does she hold back, why does she not disclose, why won’t she pick up her fucking phone?

Why?? Why you ask..because so many “friends” are so fucking transparent…so selfish and so fucking clueless

Once they arrive at their final destination then I am just another contact in their list

The contact list a mile long of layers that never were appreciated or undiscovered

So don’t judge me if I wish not to entertain and pointless conversation if you don’t want to take the time to invest in me..us..the journey of life, of appreciation

The time to work at something that is so fragile and delicate is apparently too much of a burden for some individuals

Work that requires time, love and a fucking heart


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