Can you promise me?

Promise me the day that your heart doesn’t skip a beat when you feel my touch that you will set me free..

Promise me the day that you wake up and question who I am, that you will have enough strength to move on without me..

Promise me that if the day ever came and I couldn’t make you smile with my love that you would know how to respectfully end this chapter..

Promise me that you wouldn’t hold onto this for all the wrong reasons..

Promise me that if you ever looked into my eyes and felt empty and lost that you’d save us both the agony of the mutual emptiness and just let go…

Promise me if you ever feel as though this isn’t worth it any longer that you would walk away knowing that at one time it was worth it all!

Promise that you will have enough strength, enough love, courage, pride, and appreciation of this lifetime that you will not waste this borrowed time…

Can you promise me this?

I can promise you..

That the day that I don’t miss your kisses in the morning, or crave to feel your arms wrapped around me while you tell me that you love me…I promise I will let you go

I promise you that if I stop looking forward to hearing your voice, watching you interact with my children or stop wanting to hear your political views that I will move on without you…

I promise you that if the day ever came and I can no longer feel the warmth of your love that I would set this free

I promise you the day that I have no desire to come home to your smile and hear about your day that I will not waste your time…

That as long as I look at you and I feel the love in your eyes, your touch, your hug, your kiss that I am not going anywhere without a fight.

…. But I will respectfully step away if I was told that my love is no longer desired, wanted or craved….

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