Day 3 without social media

The day after my 38th birthday, I decided to eliminate Social medical including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and tumblr with the one exception of twitter (but only ONE page) for 30 days straight!  This decision was made based on the amount of time that I spent updating, commenting, searching, liking, viewing, and using social media as a crutch to stay in touch with family and friends.  It was becoming more and more apparent the need for me to remove this crutch from my life as I laid in my bed for hours(!) looking at this device while my youngest would ask me a question and I would tell her “wait one moment as I update my post” or “wait a minute as I read this comment” or “just give me a minute until I am done…I am in the middle of something”.  Something? Really I was in the middle of an illusion of this non-existent time that I had built into my life, this wedge, this emptiness and just so willingly throwing away my time..for what? Self gratification to have the knowledge of what 130 of my so-called friends that I never speak with were doing in their life? I had created this special list on Facebook that was labeled “close friends”, well this is where I placed all my family members ,best friends and the love of my life in and this is how I kept up to date with their lives..REALLY???  Every morning when I logged into FB, I made sure I checked this list first to see what they have done, what links or photos they liked and view any pictures they uploaded.  After that I consumed the majority of my time viewing the other friends on my list and yes, this consumed hours and hours of my day.

For me, social medial (AKA Facebook) was becoming too time consuming and I had nothing to show for it.  My creativity was quickly declining or how about non-existent, my communication skills aren’t the best to begin with and this sure in the hell didn’t help and everything around me was quickly on a decline.  Now you are probably asking yourself..”Does all this circle back to being on Facebook too much” well not completely but I do know this…it wasn’t helping, it wasn’t making anything better, it wasn’t giving me more time or awareness.  More time to focus on my spiritual interest, my desire to become closer to God, time with my family and the man who I love.  It was just an invisible sponge that was sucking away my life, my time with my loved ones time, time with friends, time in completing my daily tasks at work.  Everything was getting put next or on the back burner and yes for Facebook.

So I needed to make a decision…to become more aware.

“the mind is everything what we think is what we become”

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