Day 6 of 2012 – We loved You Demona

So I woke up this morning with one eye opened and came out to my kitchen to start boiling some eggs and as I turned around…this was my visual !! My breath was taken away and I ran outside in my PJ’s to capture this moment and sure enough 5 minutes later it was gone! I believe this sunrise was for my dear friend Sylvia!

Last night, my dearest friend lost her 17 year old chow and as soon as she realized that she had passed away, she called me.  Immediately, I rushed to my car and headed in her direction. When I arrived, she had tears flowing down her face and I could feel her pain without even embracing her in my arms. At that point, I held her in my arms as she was weeping in pain over her loss.  My heart was aching because my friend was in pain and I wanted to help her through this grief but all I could do was hold her hand as we drove to the 24 hour veterinarian. May her days of pain become less as her journey continues.