Friday’s night drive

Friday's night drive

February 22, 2013 was one of the nicest birthday’s that I’ve ever had in a LONG time.  In the past, I never really cared to celebrate these days because I always thought about it as just another day.  This this past weekend was so different! I can’t even exactly explain the feeling of love that I felt but it was amazing and so is this man I have fallen in love with. I hope that he realized everything he means to me and how much he has changed my view about life.  This path of mine doesn’t seem so lonely anymore.  I love you Roger! Thank you for being you! Thank you for caring! Thank you for loving me! I don’t know if I could ever express enough to you how much you mean to me but there will never be a day that I don’t tell you or take you for granted!





Look at me

Look at this crazy world

Look at your reflection

Look at this mess

Look at the beauty of this mess

Look at the blue clouds

Look, no one is perfect

Look past ones good intentions

Look in the mirror, you are beautiful

Look deeper than the outer shell of ones existence

Look further than the  predetermined expectations

Look, I am tired of all judgment

Look into my eyes

Look, are you listening to me

Look in the mirror…..

Look, do you understand

Look, this life is not an illusion only our past thoughts are

Look over my past, my flaws, my failures, my imperfections, my mistakes

Look, forgive me for I have sinned……

Just Look!

Look at this life

Look how much you have accomplished

Look at ones intentions

Look at your GIFT(S)

Look in the present moment

Look for good in all

Look for positive change

Look at all the possibilities

Look at what could be accomplished

Look at creation

Look how we could make this a better world


Just Look where you are going and try not to hurt anyone along your journey….


The P A T H

The P A T H

 Looks pretty black and white at times…our path? But really we don’t have much control in our destinations.  We may think we are in full control but if one would reflect on their lives and plans, how many times did everything fall into place the way it was envisioned or planned out?  Probably not often! Something changed along that path, something didn’t go as planned or maybe one thought they were heading down the wrong path and realized that it was the right one all along.  We weren’t built with GPS’s and at any given moment, ones path could change.  Be wise and don’t take loved ones for granted, keep them close and express your love every opportunity that you have. Don’t let one or a few bad turns dictate your future path either.  These roads were created for us to embrace, love and release our fears.




Can you breathe? At this moment…in this moment? The moment of the highest point of your anxiety? With all that life throws in your direction? Can you feel your heart beating through your chest when the tension is felt from the center of your chest to the back of your neck? Can you breathe when it feels like there is not a soul on this earth that understand you or has the capability to understand your breed? When it feels like your thoughts are pouring out in all different directions but the right direction? Can you breathe when you have so much love and thoughts that you need to express but you can’t ….breathe…? That you can’t move, that you can’t ….can’t…can’t…talk…turn…function…sleep…articulate your thoughts that you can’t sort out because your thoughts are so confusing and cluttered that only you can understand and once again….you are all alone…trying to breathe, trying to feel normal in the fucked up world.  In this life where everyone is misunderstood and no one is normal anymore, everything is ass backwards and nothing makes any sense.  Things are out of control from the government to the pure ignorance of humans today. People have lost their values in pursuit of money!! They have sold their souls in hopes of achieving the unacceptable! We were created out of love but we behave out of selfishness and live with no fucking direction! Who know right from wrong anymore when everyone is behaving like heathens…when sex is more important than love!! Where has the love gone to?  Why get married when we can just fuck!!! Random thoughts, random ideas, randomness of nothingness is still something in my thoughts of life…still searching for a breath to express my nonsense thoughts, for someone to understand…for me to understand…why.. but in order for one to understand me, I must learn how to articulate my fucked up thoughts, my fucked up views, my fucked up confusion of thoughts that only make sense to me when I write them down.  Only at this time can I breathe, and feel at ease with my mind, my cluttered mind of thoughts that ultimately become my worse enemy again.


Saturday drive

Saturday drive

So over the weekend, we took a drive in hopes of getting lost and run into something beautiful to capture.  Well during our adventure Roger spotted these beautiful rays coming through the clouds and he quickly turned around and I captured the moment.  Now I am not 100% pleased with these photos, but that is my problem, I am never visually satisfied with my photographs and I am unable to decide if I prefer the color or the black and white.